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AIEAA Newsletter October 2019 is now available
Luca Tiberti is the winner of the 8th AIEAA Conference best paper award
AIEAA participated to the Horizon Europe consultation
AIEAA Newsletter September 2019 is now available
Bando per n. 1 assegno di ricerca "Planning for forest ecosystem services: Smart information and innovations"
BAE goes social
AIEAA Newsletter August 2019 is now available
PhD Network / Dottorati in rete. Disponibile un aggiornamento dei corsi
The presentations to the AIEAA meeting in Rome 18 July 2019 is available
CALL FOR INTEREST - Assistant Professor/ Researcher in Agricultural Economics/ Animal Health Economics/ Environmental and Natural Resource Economics/ Applied Economics/ Economics – fixed term 3 years
AIEAA Newsletter July 2019 is now available
The final programme of the 8th AIEAA Conference is available
Dottorati in rete / PhD network. Disponibile il primo elenco dei corsi
Bio-based and applied economics (BAE) news
AIEAA Newsletter May 2019 is now available
8th AIEAA Conference, Pistoia, 13-14 June 2019. Deadline for Early Registration fees: 30 April 2019!
AIEAA Newsletter April 2019 is now available
Ricercatori TD presso CREA-PB di Legnaro (PD)
Ricercatore TD presso CREA-PB di Roma
AIEAA Newsletter March 2019 is now available