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Take the opportunity to become member of AIEAA or to renew your AIEAA membership. Fees are unchanged: 50 euros for regular members, 20 euros for students (Master, PhD, Research assistants; etc.) and 100 euros for donors. Regular members may opt for a two-year (2020-2021) advanced payment with a discount of 10 %, i.e. they may choose to pay a biennial fee of 90 € instead of 100. To renew AIEAA membership please click here and visit the online platform. For those who have not yet done, please also register to the AIEAA platform at this link.

Among the membership's benefits, we would like to remind you that you will have the right to vote during the AIEAA General Assembly and choose the AIEAA Board, whose elections are scheduled for this June.

Membership benefits:

  • Receiving hard copy of Bio-Based and Applied Economics (BAE) Journal
  • Receiving AIEAA Newsletter
  • Receiving forthcoming event and news alerts
  • Advertising on Vacancies, Prizes Grants and Phd initiatives
  • Discounted participation at Annual AIEAA Conference
  • Voting during AIEAA General Assembly and choosing AIEAA Board Members and AIEAA President
  • Take part to an inspiring and highly qualified scientific community