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The European Commission launched on the 2nd of February 2017 a three-month public consultation on the Common Agricultural Policy. The consultation is the first phase of a reform process aiming at simplifying and modernizing the CAP after 2020. The input from the consultation will be used by the Commission to help draft a Communication, due by the end of 2017.

AIEAA considers the topic of the consultation at the core of its scientific interests and public commitments and decided to join the consultation. 

We therefore invite our members and anybody who wants to contribute to the discussion on the CAP to:

  • compile the public consultation on-line questionnaire and send us your answers (please note that the compiled questionnaire can be downloaded as a PDF document); 
  • sketch us your opinions on the following three aspects: 

a) relevant issues or topics missing in the public consultation questionnaire that should be addressed in the reform process, if any;
b) your qualitative assessment of the possible outcomes of the five policy scenarios that will be considered by the Commission in carrying out the impact assessment;
c) results and evidence from the best research activities in the field of agricultural and applied economics that should inform and orient the reform process (if possible indicate us the references you consider as fundamental).

All the opinions and the questionnaires collected will be taken into consideration and will represent the basis for drawing up a AIEAA position paper to be sent to the Commission.

Compiled questionnaires (in PDF format) and opinions (in doc/docx format) should be delivered within 19th of March 2017 by sending an email to with the subject "AIEAA Position Paper on the CAP". Contributors who are not AIEAA members are asked to present themselves by specifing their position and providing a brief presentation of their professional experience.

LINK to the EU consultation website

LINK to the online survey 

Download the Question & Answer on the Consultation and Impact Assessment

Download the Inception Impact Assessment of the Commission


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