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The winner of the Best Paper BAE (edition 2019-2020) is

Human capital and rural development policy: evidence from European FADN regions

by Ornella Wanda Maietta, Biagia De Devitiis, Sergio Destefanis, Domenico Suppa

Bio based and Applied Economics , 2019, 8(3):239 259


A special mention to:

Campbell D, Sandorf ED (2020), The use of latent variable models in policy: A road fraught with peril? Bio based and Applied Economics 9(3):305 324

Mack G, Ferjani A, Möhring A, von Ow A, Mann S (2019) How did farmers act? Ex post validation of linear and positive mathematical programming approaches for farm level models implemented in an agent based agricultural sector model. Bio based and Applied Economics 8(1):3 19