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Dear Colleagues,
As you know, one of the flagship activities of AIEAA has always been the journal Bio-based and applied economics (BAE).
In the last months, we have been working together with the Editorial Board to build the opportunity for another major step forward about the journal. Some changes have already occurred:

  • Fabio Gaetano Santeramo took the role of editor-in-chief together with Daniele Moro (yes, we have now two editors in chief)
  • The editorial board has been modified, with Meri Raggi substituting Pavel Ciaian as associate editor; Meri is also taking the role of managing editor and you can already contact her as an entry point for any enquiry about your papers
  • We have developed a new internal organisation of the board
  • A new service, “just accepted” is now available, to make your papers visible on line with DOI as soon as they are accepted
  • The old issues of volume 1 to 3 (years 2012, 2013 and 2014) are now available in Scopus

The newly organised board is now working on speeding up the journal review and publication processes and more. We will update you at the conference in Pistoia about several more news to come, while committing to keep the journal free and open access as it is from the start.
As usual thank you very much to those working on the journal, as well as to authors and reviewers

Best regards,
Davide Viaggi
AIEAA President