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The best paper award 2022 entitled to Ornella Wanda Maietta will be selected among papers accepted for presentation at the AIEAA 2022 conference. The award will be
conferred to the author of the paper selected by the Program Committee (PC) as the best paper based on criteria which consider both the paper quality (i.e. relevance, originality
and innovation assessed by the PC), and the oral presentation quality (feedback given by members of the PC at the conference venue).
Papers are eligible when:
- The first author and presenter must be under 40 years old when submitting the paper and be member of AIEAA;
- The first author and presenter must indicate the intention to compete for the award in the submission phase;
- In case of co-authors, the first author must indicate the individual contribution of each author to the paper;
- Each applicant can submit only one paper.
- If members of the PC are listed as coauthors, they will be excluded from the selection process for the best paper award.
In order to enable a final ranking in a timely manner, the full paper must be uploaded by May 15, 2022.