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The 2021 edition of the Best Paper in Bio-based and Applied Economics - BAE has been assigned to the following paper:

Maietta, O.W., De Devitiis, B., Destefanis, S., Suppa, D. (2019). Human capital and rural development policy: evidence from European FADN regions. Bio-based and Applied Economics, 8(3), 239-259.

Two other papers have been finalists in this competition:

  • Campbell D., Sandorf, E.D. (2020). The use of latent variable models in policy: A road fraught with peril? Bio-based and Applied Economics, 9(3), 305-324.
  • Mack, G., Ferjani, A., Möhring, A., von Ow, A., Mann, S. (2019). How did farmers act? Ex-post validation of linear and positive mathematical programming approaches for farm-level models implemented in an agent-based agricultural sector model. Bio-based and Applied Economics, 8(1), 3-19.