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In order to give the Association a modern and functional role to represent the economists who deal with agriculture, food, territory, environment and bio-economy in the reference institutions, AIEAA Board proposes a participatory path aimed to discuss some topics. The purpose is to contribute to improving the impact of AIEAA and its associates on society by becoming a "point of reference" also for the institutions interested in address many of the problems that afflict the planet and that they are represented in the Sustainable Development Goals.

The participatory path includes: Meeting (scheduled for May 12, on the TEAMS platform) to identify the position on some relevant issues for future years, such as: 1. Teaching; 2. Research; 3. Third mission; 4. Governance; 5. BAE Journal; 6. Young researchers; 7. Relationship with scientific associations; 8. Relations with civil society; 9. Ethical issues; 10. Cultural animation. Here the document.

Open discussion with other scientific associations aimed at defining a common strategy at an international level. This moment will take place during the Assembly of the 10th AIEAA Conference (scheduled for June 10, on the Teams Platform).

Drafting of a strategic document with the lines of action for the future AIEAA activities and the elements that will guide its work.

The AIEAA Board looks forward to broad participation in the discussion.