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The 14th EAAE Congress will take place in Ljubljana, Slovenia. The theme is "Agri-Food and Rural Innovations for Healthier Societies". Agricultural and food policies have returned to the center of societal discussions in Europe. Rising food prices and  greater volatility of farm incomes, growing unemployment resulting from Europe’s economic crisis, public uncertainty about the benefits and risks of new technologies, the heavy weight of diet-related diseases and growing concern about the resilience of Europe’s food system in the face of threats from climate change and resource scarcities all contribute to this discussion. For the EAAE as a scientific society it is crucial to address these challenges and to offer insights into opportunities for reversing or mitigating some of the growing imbalances – macroeconomic, planetary boundaries, diet, global disparities and the uneven distribution of economic activity across territorial space – which undermine the health and sustainability of our societies. At the same time, agriculture, food and the wider bio-economy have great potential to contribute to sustainable solutions and green growth. Some policy seeks to encourage innovation and greater competitiveness across the bio-economy in order to realize this potential. This Congress intends to take stock of the insights of scholars into these issues in all areas of agricultural, food and rural economics. The concept of healthier societies underlines the role of actors and networks and the need for innovations and solutions which are balanced, sustainable and inclusive.

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