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The Journal Bio-based and Applied Economics (BAE) provides a forum for presentation and discussion of applied research in the field of bio-based sectors and related policies, informing evidence-based decision-making and policy-making. It intends to provide a scholarly source of theoretical and applied studies while remaining widely accessible for non-researchers. BAE seeks applied contributions on the economics of bio-based industries, such as agriculture, forestry, fishery and food, dealing with any related disciplines, such as resource and environmental economics, consumer studies, regional economics, innovation and development economics. Beside well-established fields of research related to these sectors, BAE aims in particular to explore cross-sectoral, recent and emerging themes characterizing the integrated management of biological resources, bio-based industries and sustainable development of rural areas. A special attention is also paid to the linkages between local and international dimensions.

BAE’s objectives are:

  • to stimulate cross-fertilization between the above mentioned research fields;
  • to synthesize and integrate lessons learned from current strands of literature in economics;
  • to provide a forum for well-established scholars as well as promising young researchers;
  • to increase the knowledge about assessment, design and evaluation of public policies;
  • to promote the debate on issues relating to the economics profession and its consultancy activities;
  • to discuss future research pathways on the above issues.